Registration information

A, web site user registration information
1, log in into real estate express website;
2, click the top right corner of the home page "I want to register" to enter the user registration first step;
3, according to promptly fill in the registration information, select "Concerned sections and communities", set "publishing website";
registration is completed, waiting for background review.
B, start the real estate fast machine, complete the software registration
1, open the phone, click on the desktop real estate fast machine icon to enter the software registration interface;
Description: ID card, website password, phone number must be consistent with the information registered in the website
(initial use Software, you need to complete the user registration to normal use, after login no longer need to fill in the registration information.)
2, Congratulations: Now you can officially use the real machine Express!
Use introduction
1) The current real estate Express Agent Edition contains nine major categories of functions: tenant management, real estate toolbox, real estate media, housing courier, web publishing, my community, new disc supermarkets, financial supermarkets, derivatives supermarkets.

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